Do you know your Garuda from your Gatotkacha?

Indians living abroad miss the anticipation and excitement of celebrating festivals with extended family and friends. We miss the stories, the myths and the customs that were woven into the everyday. We wish our children could experience this magic world as part of their everyday too, and not just on trips to India over the holidays.

Using creative play, our children’s boxes bring to life traditions and mythology for a young generation growing up outside India. We will soon have a range of exciting products for grown-ups too. And before you even think it, we won’t be peddling an imaginary nostalgia, God Promise! - no paisley mango patterns, no hot Jaipur pinks, no romanticising imperialism.

Our carefully thought out offerings are relevant to modern urban lifestyles. We work with contemporary Indian designers, artists, and innovators. We use age-appropriate storytelling in our children’s kits. We do good where we can, supporting community endeavours and eco-friendly ventures.

We hope you will be part of our story. Alongside Garuda, Gatotkacha, and gang.

Hi, I’m Usha

I work in finance in the City of London, a world far far away from Festoon!

I was keen to recreate the Indian festival experience for my children, but as a working parent, it was a lot of effort to fit into our already busy life. Spending hours in the kitchen to produce an array of festive delicacies just didn’t do it for us.

I soon realised my boys love it when I engage them through their creativity – crafting festivals together as a family, learning what the celebration actually stands for. They look forward to these occasions, a chance for them (and me!) to experience traditions with our dear friends, Indian or not.

I wanted to translate intangibles such as creative experiences with my children, the festive excitement and anticipation, the mythology and stories, and my own memories, into an “in-a-box” experience … and, just like that, Festoon was born!